Mass on Table

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In this simulation the masses will move if the tension in the string is greater than the frictional force on the mass on the table.

Fill in the masses (0 to 20kg) and the coefficient of friction. Press Submit in each case.

Observe the tension in the string and the friction (yellow lines). Press "Release Mass". Observe the drop in the tension if the masses move. The drop is due to the fact that as the mass on the table begins to move it no longer exerts the same force on the string. The hanging mass is still pulled by the same force of gravity as before but the mass on the table is not able to hold the same tension in the string.

Calculate the acceleration and tension of the system yourself.

To check your answers click on the Show Answers button.

Note: The movement of the system of masses has been slowed down in this simulation. The actual movement is too quick to see properly.

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